Making networks of “smart things” found in the actual world on a huge scope has become the objective of the ongoing exploration in the field of data communication, networks, and embedded devices. Instead of working in different environments for these smart devices that do not have a common interface for…

“With great power, comes great responsibility”. This is something we all have heard of, but have you ever wondered if it can be applied to the environmental aspects of digitalization as well?

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“Faster connections, improved access, greater efficiency, more profitability for companies, better healthcare and education, better governance — the…

For all those out there starting on Competitive Coding, there are multiple languages you can choose to code in. However, the concept of Scalability will always be a standard that you will come across. It is like a threshold of the understanding you need to write efficient and extendable code.

Deepakshi Sood

Electronics and Computer Engineering Student. Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. Ex-Intern @JP Morgan. Incoming Analyst @Morgan Stanley. Learning Enthusiast.

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